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13 Tourism Regions of Ontario, who’s using Social Media in 2012?

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Ontario’s 13 new Tourism Regions have entered the rapidly evolving Social Media arena! Since tourism is a top economic driving factor, I believe this is a great advantage to local businesses that are operating in the “Tourism Cake“, as Chris Hughes of BCHughes calls it. By nurturing communities on facebook, youtube, flickr and twitter, I believe sustainability will be an outcome with increased awareness and exposure for each region and will generate more economic activity.

Ontario Tourism Regions Social Media map

Yet, who are the Regions with Social Media accounts and how are they doing? I did a little research to share the ones who are already out the gate. In time, I’m sure each region will have accounts in every social media network. This is my January 2012 regional tourism baseline marker to track growth of social media account in tourism. I’ll be following up this post in the coming year with more research into performance of each regions accounts.

Region 1: Southwest Ontario
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://swotc.ca


Region 2: Niagara Falls and Wine Country
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://niagarasrto.com/index.php
TOURISM WEBSITE: www.niagaraseasons.com
TWITTER (659 followers): http://twitter.com/#!/visit_niagara
FACEBOOK (3342 fans): http://www.facebook.com/visitniagara

Region 3: Hamilton, Halton and Brant
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.region3tourism.ca
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.theheartofontario.com/
TWITTER (359 followers): http://twitter.com/#!/heartofontario
FACEBOOK (1625 fans): http://www.facebook.com/TheHeartofOntario

Region 4: Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.rto4.ca/
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.timeout.travel/

Region 5: Greater Toronto Area
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.seetorontonow.com/Members.aspx
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.seetorontonow.com
TWITTER (4151 followers): http://twitter.com/#!/seetorontonow

Region 6: York, Durham and Hills of Headwaters
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.rto6.biz/
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.centralcounties.ca/
TWITTER (306 followers): http://twitter.com/centralcounties
FACEBOOK (5654 fans): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-Counties/108488642544187

Region 7: Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.rto7.ca/
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://brucegreysimcoe.com/
TWITTER (137 followers): http://twitter.com/#!/BruceGreySimcoe
FACEBOOK (506 fans): http://www.facebook.com/pages/BruceGreySimcoe/249999411707396
YOUTUBE (1253 video views, 4 subscribers): Region 7 Youtube channel

Region 8: Kawartha and Northumberland
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://rto8.com/
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.ourfavouriteplace.ca/
TWITTER (729 followers): http://twitter.com/ourfavplace
FACEBOOK (248 fans): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Our-Favourite-Place/171324532923226

Region 9: South Eastern Ontario
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.region9tourism.ca
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.thegreatwaterway.com
TWITTER (223 followers): http://twitter.com/#!/GreatWaterway
FACEBOOK (98 fans): https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Great-Waterway/216818685015479

Region 10: Ottawa and Countryside
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.ottawatourism.ca/
TWITTER (4,120 followers): http://www.twitter.com/Ottawa_Tourism
FACEBOOK (5382 fans): http://www.facebook.com/visitottawa
YOUTUBE (111,120 video views | 133 subscribers): http://www.youtube.com/OttawaTourism
FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ottawatourism/sets
GOOGLE+ (within 10 circles | 14 +1s): https://plus.google.com/109133176580444665951

Region 11: Haliburton Highlands to the Ottawa Valley
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.ohto.ca
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.ontarioshighlands.ca
TWITTER (842 followers): http://twitter.com/OnHighlands
FACEBOOK (383 fans): http://www.facebook.com/ontarioshighlands
YOUTUBE (4,750 video views | 34 subscribers): http://www.youtube.com/ontarioshighlands

Region 12: Muskoka, Parry Sound and Algonquin Park
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.explorersedge.ca
TWITTER (624 followers): http://twitter.com/Explorers_Edge
FACEBOOK (6,665 fans): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rto12/187091378001214

Region 13a, b, c : Northern Ontario Tourism Region
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.rto13.com
TWITTER (257 followers): http://www.twitter.com/RTO13

This list represents regions at the top level.  Region 1 and 4 also have tourism based city websites that are doing very well with Social Media.  Remember also that the large numbers attached to accounts are not definitive of a successful social media account.  Successful Social Media accounts are successful based on their ROI which is defined in the Social Media Marketing world as “Return On Influence”.  This subject of ROI and social media measurement of success will be covered in another blog post this year.   Lastly, but definitely not least, I must also mention Ontario Tourism’s main website which is doing excellent with all four Social Media accounts!

I created the image above from the Ontario regional map sourced from: http://www.mtc.gov.on.ca/en/regions/regions.shtml. Visit For more information on the 13 Regional Tourism Organizations across Ontario.   If I have missed your social media account please email me at ( info -AT- geminimarketing.ca ) so that I may make this the most accurate list available for the beginning of Jan, 2012.

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