13 Tourism Regions of Ontario

Ontario Tourism Regions Social Media map

Region 1: Southwest Ontario
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://swotc.ca

Region 2: Niagara Falls and Wine Country
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://niagarasrto.com/index.php
TOURISM WEBSITE: www.niagaraseasons.com

Region 3: Hamilton, Halton and Brant
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.region3tourism.ca
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.theheartofontario.com/

Region 4: Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.rto4.ca/
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.timeout.travel/

Region 5: Greater Toronto Area
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.seetorontonow.com/Members.aspx
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.seetorontonow.com

Region 6: York, Durham and Hills of Headwaters
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.rto6.biz/
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.centralcounties.ca/

Region 7: Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.rto7.ca/
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://brucegreysimcoe.com/

Region 8: Kawartha and Northumberland
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://rto8.com/
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.ourfavouriteplace.ca/

Region 9: South Eastern Ontario
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.region9tourism.ca
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.thegreatwaterway.com

Region 10: Ottawa and Countryside
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.ottawatourism.ca/

Region 11: Haliburton Highlands to the Ottawa Valley
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.ohto.ca
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.ontarioshighlands.ca

Region 12: Muskoka, Parry Sound and Algonquin Park
TOURISM WEBSITE: http://www.explorersedge.ca

Region 13a, b, c : Northern Ontario Tourism Region
REGIONAL WEBSITE: http://www.rto13.com

I created the image above from the Ontario regional map sourced from: http://www.mtc.gov.on.ca/en/regions/regions.shtml.
Visit For more information on the 13 Regional Tourism Organizations across Ontario.

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