How to Automatically Tweet When Publishing New WordPress Posts

Thank goodness there’s the ability to automatically Tweet a Wordpress post using a simple WordPress plugin named WP Twitter.  This plugin makes it so much easier than having to copy and paste your blog post URL over to or another twitter posting program.  And, we all know by now that twitter’s social media marketing network is a a key to increasing your website blogs exposure.

The steps to setting up WP Twitter is even easier using WordPress 4 as you can install new plugins directly through the Add New Plugin area.

Once you’ve installed the WP Twitter plugin you’ll have to go into it’s plugin settings at Settings / WP Twitter.  Buckle up, here comes the most technically scary part where you have to connect the plugin with twitter to get a Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret.  The main thing to remember while going through all the steps I outline in the video above is to remember to make sure everything is set to READ & WRITE.  If not there will be issues around automatically tweeting new blog posts.

wordpress twitter pluginOnce WP Twitter is connected you’ll get a success message.  This is when you can dig in a bit further to the Advanced Settings for fine tuning the control of your tweets.  One main setting is I recommend to “turn off” is auto-tweeting when “updating” a blog post or page.  Oh, and in case you missed it, I’ll repeat it again.  You can also auto-tweet newly created pages when you publish them.  Isn’t that efficient social media marketing?!

I hope you got a lot out of my step by step walkthrough on how to automatically Tweet WordPress posts using the Wordpress plugin named WP Twitter.

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