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How do contracts start?

All of our web design and Internet marketing/social media marketing services begin with a Terms of Service contract that defines the scope of our agreed service offerings that "must be signed" for our project(s) to begin.

  1. Web Design Terms of Service
  2. Internet Marketing/Social Marketing Terms of Service
  3. Website Hosting Terms of Service

We then proceed to our client start process with question and answer forms for our team to understand your business, industry and marketing goals.

  • In most website projects we require a 50% deposit before starting all projects and the remaining 50% at the completion of every job.  
  • We also offer payment plans.
  • Our standard hourly rates range from $125, $110and $90 an hour Canadian + HST depending on the type of service from web development to Internet marketing and social media tasks.
  • Advanced website programming and search engine optimization begin at a rate of $120 an hour. 
  • For monthly Internet marketing packages, we divide the total by the months performing the services to equal payments monthly over the project term.
  • If you are a client and require help with non-company services like Paypal, your domain Registrar, Google Apps Email or Zoho, etc to sleuth out solutions our Critical incident rates are charged on a per call basis.  Note: It's also a higher rate when you want that day priority service if we have the available team to help.  Rates begin at $125 an hour for emergency day service of troubleshooting, phone support is at $90 an hour on top of our service (min 2 hours will be billed).
  • Website updating service plans do not cover phone assistance for non-service offered items and will be billed at our standards hourly rate or $90 an hour.
  • Accepted payments are by cheque, Interac e-Transfer (send to and all major credit cards through QuickBooks Online and Moneris. There is an additional 3% transaction fee for credit card payments. 
  • American clients are billed in American funds and request money transfers using a Swift BIC code to our American bank account(a form will be provided).
How long do website jobs take?

Once the 50% deposit we roll into a start-up meeting for the teams ideas.  We review your industry, competitors, your old website(if applicable) to see the strength and weaknesses in Google Search. 

Once we've learned about your business from the perspective of what you'd like to achieve and what services you want. We then want to dive a little bit deeper into your day to day operations and how you hope your clients will interact with your website. This will be done in the form of a questionnaire that will be set up for you on a test server. Once you've completed our questions then the clock can start on our team to get things ready for you.

For small business websites, once the questionnaire is filled out, a complete build can take from 1 week to 2 months depending on the number of pages required and the amount of additional content that will need to be created.

For larger websites with more functionality once your questionnaire is filled out the process can take anywhere from 1 to 4 months or more depending on the amount of functionality, the amount of content that needs to be created and the ability of the client and their team to respond timely to requests for new content.

Website Updating: SERVICE PACKAGES

Full-service website updating packages for those who don't want to learn or don't have time to update their own sites. Add blog posts, update text, images, and even layout changes at an easy to afford retainer rate. In addition to our full-service updates, maintenance, and security package we also offer the following service packages:

We currently offer three service packages:

  1. Full-Service Website Concierge (25 website update requests/1 year): $1250
    | additional requests are $55/per request 

  2. Mid-Level Website Concierge (15 website update requests/1 year) $825
    | additional requests are $60/per request 

  3. Website Concierge Light (6 website update requests/1 year) $360
    | additional requests are $65/per request

Pay As You Go Hourly out of service packages: $70/request(hr)

Education Learning Sessions:  Every 30 minutes of a live, phone call or screen sharing session counts as 1 task.  IE: 1 Hour is 2 tasks.  

So what qualifies as a request? A single submission for a change or multiple changes to the physical appearance, text or updates/changes to existing website functionality. If you have multiple changes at once (up to 10) we will count that as 1 request. New functionality will be subject to review before we can count it within web concierge as some functionality could come with significant development costs, we promise to work with you to find the best and most cost effective solution.

1: Company hourly standard rates are normally $65hr, so the above packages reduce clients yearly service rates.

2: We do not charge to repair anything that is broken or not working, please contact us immediately if there are any issues with your website and we will work to resolve them as soon as possible. 

Who is my point of contact for my project?

All projects are assigened by the owner Gem Webb to a specific team member once a foundational understanding of the client and project scope is acquired. 

Email setup and support?

We do not manage clients emails.  We believe in the digital marketing agency trend of doing what we do best and allow others to also.   We do offer managed WordPress hosting but always recommend the top globally adopted email services like the paid ($5m/per email) GMAIL APPS domain email or the free email service with ZOHO.  We also offer online education URL recommendations for support issues with all products endorsed by Gem Webb Internet Marketing & Web Design Inc. that you can reference with your team. If you do choose our hosting we will setup you new emails requested on either of these systems with a signature.  We do not backup your previous emails but do offer "how to backup your email" articles that often give clear steps on how you can do this.  Lastly, we use what is known as cloud-email systems that make it easy for our clients to stay connected to their business emails on any device where ever they be.

If you are a client and require help with services we set you up on like Google Apps Email or Zoho to sleuth out the situation solutions.  Our Critical incident rates are charged on a per call basis.  Note: It's a higher rate when you want that day priority service if we have the available team to help. Rates begin at $125 an hour for emergency day service of troubleshooting, phone support is at $90 an hour on top of our service (min 2 hours will be billed).


We also love the part where you consider leaving us a review on Google Business of the experience of working together. 

Conflict of Interest

As a Search Engine Optimization SEO agency, we are regularly approached from similar industry clients that may know we're the one who is behind the success of their main competitor.  In case of conflicts of interest, we do our best to avoid working with clients that are competing for the same targets in the same market. We have determined a set of criteria to help determine what we consider conflict of interest.

Conflict of interest criteria (in order of importance):

1a. Physical Geographic Location
1b. Industry Function
2. Industry Keywords
3. Demographic Targets
4. Geographic Keywords

We believe that we can support clients in similar industries as long as all of the above criteria aren't met. For example we can support multiple retail stores in the town of Port Elgin but not multiple mens apparel retailers that would reside in Port Elgin and Southampton as they're very geographically close and cater to the same markets. We will always contact our current primary client and ask for permission to do marketing for similar industry clients.  

Please read this article we believe makes a good case for how each client can be marketed differently.

Affiliate Programs

We offer $100 commission for every website delivered to us as a lead.  Upon successful signing of a Terms of  Service contract with the client lead plus a paid initial deposit, we then will e-transfer the $100 Canadian to the affiliate email address within 30 days.

We offer $50 commission for every signed and started quarterly social media marketing contract given to us as a lead.  Upon successful signing of an Internet Marketing/Social Media Terms of  Service contract with the client lead plus a paid initial deposit, we then will e-transfer the $50 Canadian to the affiliate email address within 30 days.


What website framework do we use for all of our projects?

We use WordPress which is the most used "open-source" Content Management System used globally.

Can you simply update our current website?

Yes, we call it "porting".  We will port all of your content into a mobile friendly, also technically known as "responsive" website frame.   We will of course take you through our new client startup process of getting a firm understanding of your business goals so that we can advise on structuring it with target market conversions in mind.  

If you're already hosted we can work with you to come up with a custom updating or security package that will fit the needs of your website.

What if our website is not hosted with you, will you still update our site?

We will still do content (page/blog posts) updates to your "self-hosted" site just not regular backups and security/maintenance.  Site maintenance would will have to be audited on a per project basis as we cannot guarantee other hosts have dependable security/protection.   We will take backups whenever we do work but keeping a site secure will have to entail a backing up solution for the client if not hosted with us - one solution would be for the client to pay for a WordPress backup plugin.

Our company operates with premiere managed WordPress hosting for our clients site security and updates.

Do you have examples of your website clients?

The website client portfolio section of our website shows the past two years of our top jobs. To read an in-depth overview of each client project, visit our company news section.

I just went live. Why is my new website not showing up in Google?

Getting found and ranked on Google is one of our top focuses with all websites brand new and old.  We perform fundamental Search Engine Optimization "SEO" on all client websites + submit sites to Google, link you up for Google Analytics monthly reporting and link you to Google Search Console.  On-site SEO helps to organize your site by the keywords your potential customers could use to find your business products and services.  We have a 60 point SEO checklist for every site that goes live offering competitive advantages in your industry! 

For more understanding, please read this article for more information on How Long Does it Take for SEO to Start Working? 

If you're really interested in learning more about SEO for a solid understanding, read this multi-part series on The Beginners Guide to SEO


How do your internet marketing campaigns work?

We design all our projects using a proprietary internal method that understands your business goals and comes up with a plan of attack. Based on your budget and your business needs we pride ourselves on being able to create a custom solution that is based on your business goals.

How long does a campaign run for?

Our standard social media campaigns begin contractually at 3 to 6 months.  We regularly review it in order to expand or modify the marketing plan to stay in line with your current business goals. Depending on the deliverables, budget and your availability we can expand or compact the offerings to be reviewed more or less often.

It is understood that it requires a minimum of 2 weeks startup to get the posts and content created and organized for all social media marketing projects.

Why don't you have define your services in depth?

We don't expect our clients to be internet marketing experts, that's our job. What we do expect is that you understand your business, how it works and what your goals are.

We've developed a system to work with you to understand your business needs and then we take that information to our internal team to brainstorm a plan of approach that we believe will maximize your business exposure given your current priorities and budget. Then we present our plan of attack to you for your ideas and approval and then we move into the content gathering, design and execution of the projects.

The reason for this is because we find success is best gauged against business goals. Every business is different so we believe every solution should be different too.

What social networks do you setup and manage for your clients?

We currently set up and manage these social networks.  -Updated April 11, 2018-

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Pinterest
  4. Twitter

We currently set up and manage these paid networks (pay-per-click).  -Updated April 11, 2018-

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. LinkedIn Ads