High quality, always up hosting services. Not only do we provide top quality managed WordPress hosting for our custom design sites but we are teamed up with one of the best teams in the business when it comes to uptime, server-level security and daily backups to ensure that your site is always working for you.

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Web Site Hosting

Businesses need to ensure that their website is not only found by their customers but also performs at a high level. With the competitiveness of the search landscape, a big factor in ranking has become page speed and a high-quality host helps benefit all business websites. It's a fact in 2022 that the speed your website and pages loaded affect Google ranking

  • The Big Picture

    Our expertise in website management and a great relationship with our top quality hosting provider gives us access to top quality web technologies to give our clients a leg up.

  • Daily Website Backups

    Ever want to make an update to your website but are worried you might make a mistake? No problem, our hosting system takes daily backups and stores the last 30 days worth of backups so you can easily restore to an earlier point if something goes wrong. In 2023 We now have implemented AI WordPress Backups, Plugin Updating, and Core database updating!


    Not only are our servers using top-notch security we also offer free SSL encryption to help show your clients you care about their web security. Google states that HTTPS websites rank better than non-secure websites.

  • Time Is Money

    Not only do we take care of everything when it comes to updating your website's security to fit current standards we also have the ability and expertise to take on updating your website for you. Ask us about how we can help not only keep your website up to date technologically but we also offer plans to work with you to get new and relevant content up whenever you need it!  

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  • Full Service Hosting

    Unsure of how the process of launching and maintaining a website works? No need to worry. We work closely and educate all of our clients on best practices and ensure any assets we create for your business are able to be turned over to your business at your request should you need to cancel or change service providers.

2023 Now Offering AI WordPress Plugin & Core Updating!


Oh, and all our GEM WEBB INC. hosted clients get a Content Delivery Network(CDN). This means your site will deliver faster to website visitors no matter where they are in the world!

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Ready to Get Started?

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