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About Our Company

First, lets answer a common question, yes, the owners name is Gem Webb.  Secondly, everyone says we're not your average marketing company. This is due to the fact that the owner not only takes his clients  business goals very seriously, but also the members of the Gem Webb Internet Marketing & Web Design Inc. team.  Our company provides very professional and confidential business services to our clients while also supporting them with education they need to adjust their business strategies to the fast evolving internet.  

So Who's This Gem Guy?

Gem Webb owner of business

Hi, I’m Gem Webb, the proud owner of Gem Webb Internet Marketing & Web Design Inc.  I'm a proven digital marketer offering web design and Internet marketing results for B2B and B2C businesses. My company and clients are supported by an extremely talented (and proven) team of digital marketing consultants, content creators and educators.  By working with my team, your business will be separated from the industry flock by extreme competitive advantage. Your competitors will wonder why your business name is all over Google, and theirs is not.

My consultant agency is founded on twenty years of high level professional experience ranging from website design companies in Toronto, visual effects for hit Disney kids TV shows, supervising teams on IMAX 3D movies, teaching digital media programs at various Ontario colleges to most notably being the lead social media/Internet marketing content creator for a government not-for-profit tourism organization (Bruce County Tourism).

Are you looking for Internet Marketing Services that offers competitive business advantages + access to industry tactics and strategies that will increase your business exposure? Look no further.

In essence, I'm a tactical Internet marketing strategist focused on increasing my clients business exposure always reaching for marketing goals. “It’s all about measurable results!” I quote often.  If your business is interested in increasing website target market exposure, my team of digital marketers will provide the tactics and strategies that Google approves of.

A supportive team dynamic

Our System

  • We learn about our clients and their industries

    The first step to a successful marketing project is understanding your business and industry, who you are as an organization and what your main business goals are.

  • Help you pick the best path

    With what we've learned about your business from our initial intake questionnaire our team will then meet and come up with what we believe are the best solutions to help you reach your business goals.  

  • Create & Execute

    Once we've gotten the planning under control we can then move on to actually creating our content and posting it. This is the fun part! We love working with you and our creative team to come up with unique campaign ideas, and ensure that everything we do comes back around to being focused on measurable business goals.

  • Report & Replan

    Just as your business itself your marketing effort should always be growing and adapting to your businesses biggest needs. By creating timelines for our marketing campaigns and ensuring that we keep reporting on the most important metrics, we are able to re-visit with you and discuss the next steps to continue to increase your brand footprint.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?

Send us a message and tell us a bit about yourself and what you're looking to accomplish and we'll follow up with you!