2017 Internet Marketing Tips for Business Exposure

Welcome to 2017 that has massive opportunities for your business to do even better with exposure and your bottom line!

In the new year we'd like to share with you a few of the up and coming strategies, technologies and platforms that we believe are going to be changing the landscape of how businesses interact with their clients. We love to keep up with technology and the latest trends that could affect your business, we thought in the new year we'd give all our readers and our clients a chance to see what we've been thinking about for the new year. As a web company we pride ourselves on always staying up to date with the latest technologies so our clients can stay ahead!

Latest Strategies: Streamlined Content Design

For years now we've been talking about how responsive design is a great factor to help your clients access your information on any device and to help give your search rankings a boost. Well now there's an extra step to this, from what we've learned through following high quality industry sources, is that not only do they want your website to be designed responsively but they also are actually using the mobile version FIRST to rank your website. The reason for this we believe is the increased usage of mobile devices to access content from websites and Google wants to ensure websites are able to compete in the mobile landscape to increase conversions for their users.

Designers in all industries are adapting app design principles to their websites and products by stripping down the amount of functions and streamlining the content to focus on who is using their app, for what and how they can easiest get what they need.

What's Next?

There are emerging smart technologies we believe businesses will be able to leverage to help them keep down resource costs and still provide extra services for their clients. Many industries are already taking advantage of convenience features that help them with getting new customers and providing value to their current customers through ease of access via some sort of app, email or social media contact.

  1. Chatbot Technology - This is something our team has already started learning. We believe that technologies like API.ai or motion.ai business will be able to leverage the power of their customers native languages to help provide them high quality service based on their needs in conversation.
  2. Business and Process Automation - Things like sending emails or social media posts are a vital part of managing your business image, there are many platforms that can be taken advantage of to streamline your operations and help service your clients at a reasonable cost to you. It's all about working smarter instead of harder with business capacity building!
  3. Back to the Basics - With all of this talk about automation and using technology to make things easier, sometimes it's best to put a little elbow grease in and reach out to your clients directly via Email and Direct mail. They are a classic, inexpensive ways to reach your clients and in an age of promoted ads and videos, a little bit of a simple and personal touch can go a long way to show your customers you're paying attention to them.

Thanks for reading our tips in this post, if you have any questions about how we can help your business please don't hesitate to contact us!

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