Facebook Scam Messages Targeting Business Owners

facebook violation scam

Facebook Scam Messages Targeting Business Owners – Don’t Click Links! As a digital marketing agency, our team is here to keep our clients protected online and educated on top of working to achieve their business goals using social media marketing.   In the past 3 years, there has been a rise of deceptive messages going to…

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Facebook Video Ad Campaign Success – Case Study

Facebood ads video review

As a business, you want results that prove themselves VS just video views, correct?  As a marketing agency, we are committed to showing actual results such as calls, emails, and brand embracement that create more sales. See the video ad comments in the image below on this page that reveal target market embracement and advocacy…

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About Search Engine Optimization #SEO Website Expectations

We get approached often for helping clients get their website found more on Google which always leads to a conversation about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  The two things a client needs to understand up front are that you are not allowed to manipulate Google for rankings and that search engine optimization is a long-term…

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Welcome to 2019 Message From Gem Webb

gem webb 2019

The success of your company and your brand is an accomplishment. It means that you have fought against all odds and not just made your mark but actually delivered upon your promises and have become trusted in your field. Your service quality is well known in your community but the internet brought with it competition…

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Mobile Social Media Apps for Business Owners on the Go

social media business owners apps

How Can Business Owners Stay In The Loop? Over the past 5 years, I’ve managed many client’s social media networks. The one thing that always comes up is, how do the business owners get to see what is going on when I’m the one managing their social media pages? The solution: social media apps for business…

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