Toronto Fitness Website Project: Progressive Performance Training

We really love what we do! When our client’s level of passion for their craft and business’ success matches our own, great things can happen. We definitely had a blast working on one of our most recent website launches for our clients at Progressive Performance Training that offers functional training and conditioning in the Toronto area.

We specialize in helping to educate people about what it means to create a brand and how to properly support it. But with David at Progressive Performance Training, from the beginning, he had his brand nailed down. He knew exactly what his vision was for his business, how they needed to be portrayed, what he wanted to say and how he wanted to say it. This vision really showed in the final website product.toronto Functional Strength Conditioning

It was a real pleasure meeting with David to help him focus his passion on the desired intent of each page of the website and to show him how creating a focused experience for each user was the best way ensure they could hear what he had to say. David’s insight and passion is a surefire way to get a buy-in from his clients, we just had to help him structure it in a way that was easy to navigate for his clients!

Beyond the aesthetic design of the website, we’re very excited about this project in particular because, as a company, it really showed us how enjoyable it can be to work with an active and passionate owner in order to establish an intimate and personal brand. By creating a focus on David’s core “Principles”, the types of programs offered, and the facilities, we wanted to ensure people got to know the philosophy behind how Progressive Performance does things so they could relate to him and want to work with him.

As a brand focused agency, we took away two major points of inspiration from this project:

  1. Being structured and organized, like David, by outlining your brand and establishing consistency in message is as important as ensuring that your brand meets the actual personality of your company. A strong brand mentality has allowed PPT to quickly establish their identity and helped us to create a quality site focused directly on their business goals. Be like David.
  2. Genuinely wanting to help people makes for an easy sell. All you have to do is make sure that the people who are looking for this kind of information and help can find it.

We would love to thank PPT for working with us and hope to work with them in the future to support their passion of helping people become healthier through smart and effective training and lifestyle.


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