Holiday Social Media Gems!

The biggest consumer holiday season is upon us and we want to know...


are you maximizing your marketing potential to promote your business for holiday and year-end sales and growth?

At Gem Webb Internet Marketing & Web Design Inc., we manage a number of Facebook business pages with an emphasis on promoting their products, services, events, news, and seasonal specials.

We also add a personal touch by wishing audiences seasonal greetings through graphic and video posts such as holiday or seasonal messages via page posts, headers, and ads to inspire and compel your target market customers to take action on your business and become loyal business advocates.

Sometimes even a small tweak,
such as adding your website URL to the description of your Facebook page header,
is the boost you need to drive traffic to your website.

Holiday Themed Facebook Headers

Did you know that Facebook now allows video headers?  Check out Crose Mechanical's fun video here as an example.

We started our holiday campaigns 2 months prior to ensure there is time for video recording and editing with our clients. You may want to consider a longer lead up time to your campaign also. When you do create a Facebook header, make sure that you add a holiday feel with snowflakes or Santa hats, ensuring that it keeps with the overall look and feel of your brand.

Also, add important dates or information in your header image or video that may include holiday hours or reminders to book holiday parties.

Here are some examples of Facebook headers we have created for our clients this 2018 holiday season.

Holiday Facebook Ads

For one client, we ran both a Facebook Ads and page post campaign to increase their Christmas and New Year's Eve party bookings.

The client informed us early December that the Christmas parties were all booked up so we changed our focus to only promote their New Year's Eve party.

Marketing is all about defining goals and objectives then following up on the results to see what needs to be tweaked.

We work closely with our clients to ensure they are getting the results they want from their campaigns such as website clicks, calls, walk-ins, sales, and bookings.

This is the Gem Webb effect.

Holiday Videos

In addition to uploading videos to Facebook headers, we also encouraged our clients to create holiday messages for their website.

We take the lead on developing the script, arranging for recording, editing, and uploading to YouTube then embedding it on the website.

This process helps our client get their message out there with the added bonus of turning the videos into text for increased Google rankings on their website.

Google loves video.

Holiday Facebook Posts

Posts with a Christmas or winter feel to them that are in line with your branding are a nice added touch that makes your message relevant and current.

Here are some examples our clients are using to share winter or holiday products, services, and events that will resonate with their customers.

We hope through reading this article that you understand the importance of seasonal or holiday marketing and that you got inspired to go update your brand's online presence.

At Gem Webb Internet Marketing & Web Design, our job is to make our clients more money. Right now we are working with our clients on their next 3 to 6 months for both winter and spring campaigns to continue and build on the traction they received from their holiday blitz. Contact us for your marketing advantage. Happy Holidays from all of us at Gem Webb Internet Marketing & Web Design Inc.


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