Welcome to 2019 Message From Gem Webb

The success of your company and your brand is an accomplishment. It means that you have fought against all odds and not just made your mark but actually delivered upon your promises and have become trusted in your field. Your service quality is well known in your community but the internet brought with it competition through the ever-changing online world of search marketing, websites and social media for branding and connecting.

Gem Webb 2019 PhotoThe average consumer now visits a website to research a product then reads reviews about and checks to see the buzz about it on social media channels before handing over their hard earned money. Online marketing has become highly competitive as well as complex and this is where our leading digital media company can help as we have helped many satisfied clients in the past.

Our goal is to have viewers online find your information easily and to connect with your values and to know which services you offer just by clicking through the content that we craft. More importantly; we want viewers to not just choose your services but be able to become brand advocates and share your information easily with their friends, family, and associates. We are here to help you solve how to stand out in a crowded online atmosphere.

Our digital media company that I created; “Gem Webb Internet Marketing & Web Design Inc.,” was founded with the vision in mind of delivering a “quality of care and expertise that is unparalleled in our field.” My team of dedicated professionals are all experts in their fields whether it be web design, social media marketing, graphic design, branding, search engine optimization, photography and more. This means that when we solve problems for clients we are truly their “external marketing team.”

The secret to our success and our clients success though is our “quality of care.” When we hold meetings with clients we listen attentively to understand who they are, what their values are and what is truly important to them. When we send our clients marketing questionnaires; we are trying to truly get to know them so we can best represent them. When we work with our clients, we actually take the time to educate them so that they themselves feel comfortable with aspects of online marketing. We want our clients to better understand their marketing and business goals so that we can solve the most common problem of increasing their business exposure. When you hire my team and me, you are becoming our main focus. We are here to solve your problems.

The solution might be keyword optimizing (SEO) your current website, creating a new custom website with features that make your life easier or setting up monthly social media posts and ads. It could be a creative solution requiring video, drone footage, staged photo sessions and branded banners across your social media platforms. Once we get to know each other, we will decide together what the fit is based on your budget. We’re focused on reaching your target market so that online viewers will contact you before your competitors. It all starts with reaching out to us.

My team works locally across Grey Bruce Counties and across Southern Ontario with various industry-specific clients, offering website development and Internet marketing services that help businesses get found by their customers more on Google. Our primary location is the beautiful city of Owen Sound with a new division in Kitchener. We urge you to set up an appointment and stop by to discuss your marketing needs and to find solutions for your problems. If you can’t see us in person, please connect with us online on any of our social media channels but we would rather speak with you in person or by telephone. We can’t wait to get to know you and become a part of your success story.

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