Owen Sound Local Marketing Sponsor of SALMON SPECTACULAR

owen sound salmon spectacular

Gem Webb Internet Marketing & Web Design  takes great pride in being an Owen Sound local marketing sponsor at the 2015 Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular fishing derby presented by the Sydenham Sportsman’s Association.

Why did we choose this local fishing event to sponsor?

The Sydenham Sportsman’s Association attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the municipality of Owen Sound with a week-long fishing derby. The popularity of this annual event contributes a positive economic impact for local businesses of the historical harbour-side community of 21,000. The Sydenham Sportsman’s Association is a group of volunteer conservationists that are actively involved with many fisheries, raising up to half a million salmonids each year, and other important wildlife projects.  A volunteer organization that is dedicated to the future of our natural resources is a noble one worthy of support.  Special thanks to Donna Henry of Country93 for sharing this photo with us.)

Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular fishing derby videos

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