3 ways to improve business exposure without changing your website

Here at Gem Webb Internet Marketing & Web Design we’re all about providing results. Our main services are websites and Internet marketing that help you to grow your internet presence through your website and to create and implement plans that will provide new traffic streams for your website and other business outlets. Today I want to talk to you about something that goes beyond just your website and are things you can do to improve your visibility online without having to re-design your website!

Get in with Google

Google My Business

Most of us are still using Google as our main search engine and the folks over at Google do their best to let your business get found without having to spend all of the necessary money on a high quality website. Although obviously a great website is a great start to building that relationship there are other things you can do in order to get Google to list your business high up in the search rankings.

Make a Google Business profile and get yourself listed within Google Maps! This is a very easy way to tell Google where you are so they can let everyone else know too. These results show up often at the top above organic search rankings and can be a very easy way to be found without as much effort as organic rankings.   Did you catch what I just shared??


Just because Google is the most popular doesn’t mean that it’s the only one! The big one we suggest is Yelp for Business owners since many iPhone users who use Siri to search for locations will have results that are taken from Yelp.

Yelp register my business page

Try talking with your friends and family and other folks in your local area and determine how it is that they find businesses using their mobile phones, you’d be surprised how often it’ll come up with Yelp or Google Business results! Pretty good exposure for something that doesn’t cost a cent, and not only gives you a place to post your business listing but to also do some relationship management to respond to reviews both good and bad.


I know we said how to improve your website without changing your website but I want to add this in here anyways. If it’s possible for your website to add a blog, we suggest trying it out!  I’ve risen the website visits of many websites by 5000% over a couple years with an on-site blog.

Why does this work?

Search engines are always scanning for new content, when you’re indexed with Google it will periodically search your website for new content. The more it finds new content the higher you rise on their authority list and the more likely you are to appear higher in rankings.  If you wanna research it, try looking up Google freshness index patent.

How do I do this?

Keep a regular blog about what’s important to you and your business. Don’t worry on keywords as much as you focus on being helpful and providing useful content.  If you can plan out some blog posts that have topics relating to your business goals you can write a bunch at once and release them over a period of time to ensure that search engines see your consistent updates. This will raise your authority level and should help to bring your website higher in organic search results.

I hope this article helped you to get an idea of what you can do to be found on the internet. Please contact us if you have any questions to improve your business website exposure without changing your website.

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