Another Sauble Beach Cottage Directory Website Released!

After building our relationship and creating so much success with our Sauble Beach Cottage Rentals (SBCR) client over the last year, we were introduced to a partner company named Bear Foot Park Cottage Rentals in order to create a similar website site to showcase their properties and provide similar functionality and SEO optimization that has been working so well for SBCR.

Although the sites have a similar functionality we didn’t want to cut any corners when it came to the user experience and started from scratch with all of the graphic design, typography and colour elements in order to create a brand that stands on it own. This proved to be a great exercise for our design department to work with the client to design a logo and colour scheme that best suited for their intended audience.  

ontario cottage directory website developmentThe goal of the design was to invoke a peaceful feeling while keeping the style clean and professional looking. We wanted to emphasize the professionalism of their brand by incorporating clean and modern typographic elements and a lot of white space while using the imagery to create the sense of fun and peacefulness that the clients are looking for.

When it comes to the technical development of the website what we did want to keep was that familiarity and usability that has been working so well for the other website. Our development team reused and customized some pieces from the SBCR website in order to save our client on development costs but also updated the design to be more focused as there were less listing elements to be kept track of.

So far we’re only a few months into building SEO domain authority but have noticed the website has been creating traffic and conversions for our client. As the site continues to add content and listings we’re certain they will be found by many vacation searchers for 2017 and hope to continue building their Google keyword rankings in the highly competitive Ontario cottage market.

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