Social Media Manager Shares Content Secrets

Social Media Manager Gem WebbWelcome to my new Social Media Manager “Geek” blog.  With a definite focus on the Geek.  This is due to my serious curiosity for everything technology based.   My name’s Gem Webb and this is where I’ll be giving away educational tips, techniques and reviews of how to get creative using today’s technology.

I’ve been immersed in Social Media for the past 2.5yrs working out how to reach target audiences using every kind of media like video, photo, text and even audio.   It’s has been a serious learning curve/ juggling act, yet one thing rings true, authenticity of voice.  If your going to use Social Media to reach an audience, you better be honest and genuine.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Because this is a “Trust / Thank You” economy as Gary Vaynerchuck states in his powerpoint below.

I’ll be investigating technology, social media and wrapping it up in observations around societal trends.    Maybe together we can uncover what will be next and how we can use it to our advantage.    Feel free to ask me questions and connect with me on most top social networks like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Qoura, Linkedin and many others.

Be well, and remember to stay fully caffeinated!


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