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The Four Marketing Quadrants of Tourism Marketing

tourism marketing quadrants

Understanding the Four Quadrants of Tourism Marketing is key for maximizing marketing exposure of your website and social content. In my last post, Understanding the Search Buying Cycle for Travel and Tourism Marketing, I revealed the process of how people search online. Now, you’re ready to add this knowledge into your tourism website and structure your…

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2013 Tourism Summit about Augmented Reality Mobile Marketing

It’s a huge honour that I’ll be speaking at Ontario’s 2013 most prestigious tourism summit. I’m going to share with the tourism industry about mobile device marketing concepts using the high embracement and interaction based technology of Augmented Reality.  I was asked to educate about marketing’s most recent revolutionary breakthrough where print is becoming Interactive through the use…

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Twitter Tips for Tourism Marketing

There are many Twitter Tips online to help customize a profile and how to best manage it. Here are some Travel & Tourism twitter tips I’ve learned that help increase visibility towards  a target market while growing and nurturing accounts through engagement based practises.  Whew, that was a mouthful.  Lets begin. 7 Profile Customizations Include a…

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13 Tourism Regions of Ontario, who’s using Social Media in 2012?

13 Ontario Tourism Regions Social Media

Ontario’s 13 new Tourism Regions have entered the rapidly evolving Social Media arena! Since tourism is a top economic driving factor, I believe this is a great advantage to local businesses that are operating in the “Tourism Cake“, as Chris Hughes of BCHughes calls it. By nurturing communities on facebook, youtube, flickr and twitter, I…

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Looking for clarity in social networking?

Looking for clarity in social networking? Try CTC’s just published social media guidelines. The Canadian Tourism Commission is helping the tourism sector with this PDF download document. Social Media Guidelines by the Canadian Tourism Commission.  Thanks so much!

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