Top 10 Accommodation Website Checklist for Success

2017 is quickly getting into gear with lots of easy things you can do to your website for better promotion of your accommodations across Ontario. I work in the travel and tourism industry and constantly try to put myself in the shoes of target markets that surf my vacation solution websites. Take this Top 10 Where to Stay Website Checklist into consideration and always consult your web designer to implement. Understanding that the better you define your accommodation website as the perfect vacation spot, the greater the chances will be that the people seeing your website will stay with you!

Accommodation Website Top 10 Checklist

  1. A visible Phone number, email address and Contact Us page.
  2. A photo gallery clearly showing your accommodations (inside and out).
  3. Testimonials somewhere on your website (it’s value add to show photos of past visitors enjoying themselves).
  4. Start a page with list of Things to Do in the area with Downloadable Guides & Maps. It’s all about making it easy for people to see your accommodation spot as the solution to a Place to Stay, Things to Do, Where to Eat and, Where to Shop.
  5. Price List of each accommodation. IE: 2 Bdrm Cottage = $900/week
  6. Buttons on ever page for Social Sharing: Facebook Like, Tweet this, Email This & Print This. I will even recommend adding the new hit Social Media Network Pinterest “Pin It” Button, but make sure to add a great photo to the page that can be “pinned”.
  7. Add all Social Network “Connect with me” buttons so people can follow your facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr, accounts.
  8. Create a Tripadvisor and/or, Google Places business listing rating printout that people can be reminded to share what kind of experience they had with you. If your not already on Tripadvisor or Google Places. This is something you must do. Because if your not, I guarantee your competitor is.
  9. Start a blog on your website or externally on, blogger or posterous. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to get your website found by your target markets.
  10. Make sure to Search Engine Optimize each of your pages for 2-3 different keywords that gets you found in your geographic area and accommodation type. Tip: Add a few pages on your website around top things to do topics on your website like “all about the Bruce Trail”. People may be looking to visit the Bruce Trail and do some hiking, find your website, then book with you. Makes sense doesn’t it?!

BONUS TIP: Install Google Translate widget to help people read your accommodation website in another language. I created a link to it for you so that you can ask your web designer to install it for you.

If you have any other suggestions that you think I might of missed please leave them in the comments below. I hope this Top 10 Accommodation website Checklist helps give you direction for action steps in 2012 prior to the upcoming busy seasons of spring and summer.

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