Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular Fishing Derby tries Targeted Facebook Ads!

The Sydenham Sportsmen Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular Fishing Derby tried out our targeted Facebook ad marketing and wow, did they ever get results! Results are the first and foremost focus we have here at Gem Webb Inc. We aim to create a conversation in the community about your brand and to increase brand awareness. Marketing jargon aside, this means getting people talking about, sharing and following our clients online by creating engaging content that is meant to catch the attention of social media users that are likely to be moved to become future customers. This is exactly what we did for The Sydenham Sportsmen Association. When they agreed to let our agency come up with great ideas to increase their exposure online, off to the races we went, and the results are astonishing.

When we create concepts to improve our clients engagement online we always have one thing in mind; to exceed their expectations and generate value for them with our marketing packages.

Let's share some of the things we did so that you can consider us for your event marketing.

What did the Facebook ad look like?

First, we created a visual ad graphic that shared in one image the derby brand along with an experiential image of the derby tent within and the Georgian Bay fishing experience.  Then within the text-copy, we shared the details of the derby event dates and a link directly to buying the tickets on the SSA's website.  It was a total focused ad for converting viewers to ticket buyers and attendees while at the same time giving a Grey Bruce update across Facebook that the event is running!

Salmon Spectacular facebook ad

About the Facebook Ad results

  1. Grew membership signups through the Sydenham Sportsmen's website ticket sales page on their website.  We were told it was a dramatic increase in sales daily from many years past once we ran the Facebook ad to all of Grey Bruce.
  2. Grew the SSA Facebook page by 264 loyal fishing derby attendees for years to come.
  3. 71 shares of the Facebook ad to peoples friends and family.  Think about this...  If a person that shared the ad has 500 to 1000 friends, that is an exponential increase of ad exposure right?  So think about 71 shares to how many people it reached.  That is why the ad results show that the ad reached 9,190 people across Grey-Bruce.  Now that is powerful targeted marketing!

Ad targeting is great but we also added a content strategy aimed at connecting with the target markets emotionally.  The outcome?  Total inclusion of the attendees that make the event happen!

Facebook ads and content marketing ven diagram

Examples of some of the posts that increased target market sharing, comments and advocasy.

4 smooth social media event video examples.

If you have an event you want to have similar successful results from, fill out the form and one of our team members will contact you to get started.

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