The Weather Network Ipad App

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If you’re an accommodator who likes to know the weather conditions for your guests I strongly recommend The Weather Network Ipad app or the Iphone app.  It’ll quickly become your go to weather predication mobile app of choice. You can set your local or global weather information easily with a daily forecast that updates every 15 minutes with weather updates. The weather network interface provides a simple design with current, short-term weather updates, the latest news and videos, along with detailed maps and charts.

Weather Network App Features

  • Detailed weather forecasts including current, short term, long term, hourly forecasts and 14 day trends.
  • Forecasts updated every 15 minutes to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Severe weather and storm alerts to notify you when a storm is heading your way. Users will see a red banner on the affected cities and regions and can click-thru for more info
  • Multiple map layers, including radar, satellite, lightning and traffic flow (provided by Beat the Traffic)
  • Automatic detecting of the forecast within 1km of your location
  • Available in English and French

Tips & Techniques

• Pull the screen down with two fingers to refresh the data
• The icon on the top right provides a simple list (menu) of all the content available on the app, as well as app settings and FAQs
• Swipe the current conditions left to get more forecast data, like wind speed and direction, humidity, cloud ceiling and more
• Add a location by tapping the city name at the top, center of your screen. Or, you can add a location by pressing the + icon within the map view
• To get the optimal experience with our maps, tap and pinch to explore

I hope you enjoyed my overview of The Weather Network Ipad app.  Download The Weather Network iPad app from the Apple Store here.

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