Terms of Service Pages for Social Media Managers #SM

Social Media manager terms of serviceSo, you want to manage a bunch of Social Media Networks? Maybe you want to organize your own small business accounts or maybe you are in the social media rat race and have multiple clients. The single most important first step is to get to know every platform’s Social Media Terms of Service pages.

This could take the better part of a week if you are being paid to do a very thorough job of reading all the fine print. You need to be the expert of all social media networks and all their ever changing most recent rules. I stress “recent rules” because another responsibility of a social media manager is to keep up to date on any changes to #SM TOS’s that occur.

Since you have a lot of reading ahead of you, here is a handy reference of  the locations for the most popular social media networks. A sure way to impress your supervisors, or just to remind yourself what you are supposed to be the expert at, is to print this out and stick it somewhere really noticeable. Hopefully, your supervisor that hangs out over your shoulder will believe you’re on top of it.

Facebook Terms of Service
(Here’s an extra treat for learning how to use Facebook’s Brand Assets)

Twitter Terms of Service

Youtube Terms of Service

Pinterest Terms of Service

Linkedin Terms of Service

Instagram Terms of Service

Flickr Terms of Service

Foursquare Terms of Service

Google+ Terms of Service

Do your employer, your clients and all of the other social media managers a favour and read them in their entirety. You should also do at least one Google search for each network and see what people are saying about recent changes, within the past 6 months. There are usually tips and tactics that can assist your social media marketing in online forums.

Keep  TOS in mind as you promote your brand, create content, and nurture your communities. I hope my quick reference list of Terms of Service pages for Social Media Managers makes your online marketing job a few pixels easier.   If you have any questions about this blog post or require a social media marketing strategy, feel free to contact me and and I’ll see what I can do to help. If you liked this post, please share it on your social network of choice.



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