What is a Social Media Marketing Calendar?

Here is a Social Media Marketing calendar at its most basic level.   Think of it like a workout schedule.  The more you work the different Social Media muscles, the more they will grow!   Yet, each Social Media account needs to be regularly worked, but not over worked as they can break down, just like muscles do.   And social network communities can become just as sore as those rarely used muscles feel after an intense workout, so getting in routine is a key to big gains for a businesses social media marketing strategy.
Social Media Marketing Calendar

Ok, enough with the analogy. I think you got it.  Even though this image example above only shows a single Social Media account posting per day, it’s probably not anyone’s reality.  The truth is that you should work certain accounts multiple times through the day and others every other day.  Let’s start with twitter and facebook.  First you need to get to know what times of the day and specifically, what days your audience is around the most.  This takes time to understand how they like their content delivered.

Studies have shown that it is best to post during the first 15 minutes of the hour,  with second place being the last 15 minutes of the hour.   Wednesday at noon tends to be a high point through the week where people are around.  And Friday after work is a great time to post new content also with interest slowly declining all the way to Monday morning.  But, did you know mobile marketing / mobile device surfing and interaction increases over the weekend?  So, there in reality there is no decrease in search anymore. An easy way to gauge what your audience is doing in the mobile environment is to join them.  Start a mobile marketing account like Foursquare or start checking in with Facebook places.

So, why not try blogging a few days a week?  Give yourself a deadline day like every second or third day. Make sure you leave a day to edit and proof read (I have people help me with this one).   Content creation is a biggy with Flickr and Youtube.  You gotta go out and get some photos and video, so book that time in also.  Maybe on a weekend or simply pull over in your car and get that beautiful sunset snap shot.  Be creative and always be flexible.  Even though a schedule is there to support your content creation, it isn’t written in stone.. and since its pixels.. well you know… there’s lots of them.  -giggle-   Have fun and be creative because that’s one of the bottom lines also.  Without that, there is no manifesting good results with any sort of Social Media scheduling program.

If you’re interested in a social media marketing strategy that includes tactics for increased exposure, contact my company today for your business advantage.


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