April 21 is GOOGLE Mobile Deadline Day | Algorithm Update

April 21 Google Mobile Website DayAs of April 21, 2015 Google released a huge mobile update to their search engine algorithms. This change has affected the traffic of websites globally who have not been optimized for mobile devices. This means that if your website does not have a dedicated mobile version or does not have a design that responds to the size of the user’s device – your website will likely lose a large amount of traffic over the next few years.

How does it affect my business across Grey Bruce Simcoe?

This has not only been impacting RTO7  businesses but also websites globally!  It’s a present day fact that this will affect any website owner who relies on search engine traffic to find their businesses – in tourism and hospitality this is BIG NEWS.  Many people including tourists use their mobile devices to help discover an area, if your business’s website is not optimized for mobile devices you are likely to be missed by users on those devices.   50% of users who visit your website from a mobile device visit your location within 1 day, as opposed to 34% of those from a computer or tablet. Now after April 21 if your website is not mobile optimized you can miss out on not only a large amount of search traffic, but also the highest quality search traffic.

Is my website mobile optimized?

Does your website look the same on your mobile device as it does on your computer?   If it does then your website is most likely not optimized for mobile devices. Mobile friendly experiences bring your end users the same content as your web browser based website but is much more friendly to use on smaller screens with touch interfaces. The industry refers to it as a “Mobile Friendly Website”.  If you’re unsure that your website is mobile optimized we suggest entering your domain on Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.   You can also see what a “Mobile Friendly Website” before and after example looks like here.

Wiarton Echo Published Article

Is there anything else I can do to be found by mobile devices?

With the new Google search updates, not only is mobile-friendly content preferred but Google is also giving search engine credibility to Apps in the Google Play Store marketplace. This means if you have an app targeted to a certain keyword or location you will now have increased priority listing in search results for people using android devices.

How can I make my website mobile-friendly?

If you haven’t already, a focus on clean “mobile friendly website” (also known as: Responsive Design) and coding is the first and foremost importance in catering your website to be mobile-friendly. Here at Gem Webb Internet Marketing and Web Design we like to build our responsive websites using the WordPress platform because it’s considered the most popular and search friendly website platform out there!  Whether we’re starting from a pre-built responsive theme or designing your website from scratch our focus is not only making your content and website look great but to make sure that you’re found by users on all devices.  Become a client of ours today as April 21 is GOOGLE Mobile Deadline Day to make your website mobile-friendly and keep you from losing any rankings and exposure on Google.

It’s important to focus on business visibility on Google because a large percentage of mobile users will be using it to search for a location or service in their area. Being seen and found on Google is the best way to use your internet presence to not only inform the community about your business but to also serve as a tool that works to bring clients from a simple web search to visiting your location. If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact us for more information!  T: 519-387-9322   Contact Us here.

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