Get Found More! Fix your Tourism Website SEO

10 Common Website SEO issues in tourism based websites.

Summer is here! The top money making season for all tourism based business is back for the next few months. Why are people not contacting you through your website though?  Chances are pretty good that it is your website SEO that is causing most of your problems. I’ll tell you the top ten reasons your tourism website is not bringing in the traffic it should be.  I am going to assume that you know you need help with your website SEO but you don’t know what elements you need to fix.

Here they are:

10 Common Website SEO issues.

  1. The Meta-tags across your website are identical on every page (Meta-titles, Meta-descriptions, Meta-keywords.)
  2. Your description tags are not “take action” oriented. This is the Meta-tag people see in Google that motivates them to click your link!
  3. Every page across your website doesn’t have your keywords in the first and last sentence.
  4. Every web page across your website doesn’t have 3% synonyms of your keywords.
  5. Your website doesn’t have Google Analytics setup or is setup but you don’t receive weekly/monthly reports.
  6. Your website doesn’t have a sitemap “page” nor an XML Google Friendly sitemap on your server.
  7. Your XML sitemap hasn’t been submitted to Google Webmaster Tools.
  8. Your website doesn’t have a contact form throughout your website.
  9. Your website doesn’t have your phone number properly visible on every page.
  10. You didn’t take the time to add keyword specific ALT Tags to every image on your website.

Note: Most of these issues occur due to outdated website designs or a lack in knowledge of the website designer in regards to SEO best practices.

Your one solution – Contact Me

Let me worry about the technical aspects of your website marketing.  

You should be busy answering the phone and selling your services!”

Tourism Website SEO fix

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